Other Projects

This page lists other projects I have been involved with outside video production, but in which my experience may be useful to your company’s goals.

Web-Based Projects

TV22.org, January 2008-May 2008 (no longer active)

TV22.org was the website for the student television station I was involved with at my university. The website introduced potential members and other interested parties to the group, and allows visitors to view the group’s video work.

Dymersion, December 2005 – Present
Owner & Webmaster

Dymersion is my personal weblog. I use Dymersion in order to express my thoughts and opinions on current events happening around the world, including political and social issues, as well as media and technological issues. The weblog is also a place in which to showcase my creative work.

Invisionize, 2005-2008
Management Team Member

Invisionize is a provider of user submitted add-ons, tools, and skins (design elements) for the web-based message board software, Invision Power Board. As part of my responsibilities for Invisionize, I led team members in completing site projects, created webpages for the site, managed user submissions, and managed the site staff.

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