Hello! My name is Michael Merritt. I am a video editor from the state of Connecticut. Below you can read an overview of my experience, and the links to your right will bring you to other parts of my portfolio, including examples of past video editing projects I have completed. Thank you for viewing my online portfolio!

My Experience

Over the past seven years, I have become an extremely proficient video editor and have edited videos and video segments for a vast range of projects. From news packages to complete episodes of a half hour game show, I have enjoyed every minute of my experience editing. Along the way, I have continually improved my. Finally, during my years editing, I have learned new editing techniques, and have honed my editorial creativity. Therefore, I feel that my experience and skill in editing would allow me to become an integral part of your company’s team.

Much of my editing experience has been based around news. Both in high school and in college, I worked as part of teams to put together regularly aired newscasts. I worked with reporters to shoot, edit, and sometimes write news packages. During the course of my time editing for news, I learned the standards and guidelines used by professional editors. As well as editing packages, I took opportunities to show leadership by directing my college’s live weekly newscast.

In addition to editing for my high school and college’s newscasts, I have had an opportunity to work in a professional news environment. In the Summer of 2007, I interned at a local news station and was able to learn, among other things, what editors need to do to get a professional product ready for air. Thus, with my experience both putting together news packages and working in a news environment, I believe I can put the skills I have learned and apply them to projects for your company.

My editing experience has not been limited to news, however. Starting in high school, I was a founding member of a town run station that works with officials in my hometown of Manchester to put together long-form documentaries for the town run station. I was recognized for my effort with a commendation from the town. Also, for the past two years, I have been chief editor and director for a pop-culture based game show at my school. My responsibilities included putting together show segments, making and inserting graphic elements, and using basic motion effects where needed. I also produced the show for my Senior year. These experiences have made me well rounded as an editor, and the different challenges brought on by these projects have made me more creative editor as well.

I would like to thank you for reading this letter and my resume, and hope that you will consider me for the position. I consider myself a driven individual who is punctual, technically competent for the job, and creative with my editing style. I look forward to further correspondence with you in the near future. You may contact me by email at michael@michaelmerritt.org.

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